Rooibos Tea & Pistachios – Talking with Alice Savoie

I always find it interesting to talk to people. And more than that – to talk to other ladies that are doing similar things like I do, experience the same dilemmas, and most likely share with me some feelings. This series of interviews aims to give us an insight about the lives and work of the Alphabettes.

The structure is simple: Three sections with different length of answers to allow skimming or reading (aren’t we all so busy?). “The warmup” with short questions, “The visual” with photos taken by our interviewee as replies, and “The longer bits” of questions that require some more words to answer to, and probably more thought.

Each interviewee will nominate the next lady to be interviewed, out of our lovely Alphabettes. The last paragraph will also give us a preview of the next interview, with a question passed along for next post.

So grab a coffee or a freshly squeezed orange juice and start reading. Hope you’ll enjoy Alice’s answers just as I did!

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You’re Listening to Typeradio …

If you are interested in peeki…, eh, listening behind the work of some type luminaries, hear personal stories and anecdotes, or just want to know if they are religious (the infamous First Question), head over and immerse yourself in the Typeradio archive. Great interviews with people in type and design related fields since 2004. 🎤 🎶

For instance April Greiman, Kali Nikitas, Morag Myerscough, Irma Boom, Catherine Dixon, Marian Bantjes, Catherine Griffiths, Anette Lenz, and a great many greats more.