Alphabettes, Let’s Make A Book

Alphabettes, Let’s Make a Book (working title) is a collection of articles, interviews, and explorations documenting the activities, initiatives, and impacts of Alphabettes since 2015.


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ALL are welcome to submit to this project. Don’t stress about grammar or perfect writing. Submissions in all languages are welcome. You also don’t need to be very active on Alphabettes to submit!

Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2023.

Some submission ideas:

  1. An article you have previously published on the blog with your own commentary or response on what has changed or hasn’t changed since publishing the article. 
  2. The process behind making a past header. What was the concept? How did you execute it? You can include sketches or drafts, too! (commentary or response: ~300+ words)
  3. A reaction or commentary on an article published on the blog by someone else with your own response, commentary, or reflection. What makes this article stand out to you? How did this article impact you or your work? (~300+ words)
  4. New or unpublished writing about Alphabettes. How has being a part of Alphabettes impacted you, your career, etc? (can be short, >500 words?)
  5. New or unpublished interviews, commentary, showcase, research, etc. This can include historical research on women, feminism, etc. (a 300-500 word abstract / proposal is fine)
  6. Reflections on the mentorship program? Examples of mentoring experiences and lessons learned (> 1000 words)
  7. Something else! A proposal or abstract is fine (300-500 words).

Submit as a PDF, .doc, and include separate image files if applicable. 

Submission does not guarantee publication but the goal is to publish as many relevant submissions as possible. 

or email your submission to:

Questions? Reach out to Amy Papaelias or contact hello [ at ] alphabettes [ dot ] org.