Ceasefire Now! From across the globe

This is a transnational call for solidarity with the Palestinian people and a call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. A ceasefire – not a pause, nor a truce – is not the only demand, but is the first demand. Starting (and expanding) from the 153 countries that have signed the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide; we say Ceasefire Now! If you wish to contribute from a place/in a language that is not yet covered, with your typeface, lettering or calligraphy, head here. To print and post/make placards with the poster head here. This post is updated every other week.

Aïr Mountains of Niger (Hawad and Naïma Ben Ayed), Algeria: Kabyle (Studio Akakir) Arabic (Brahim Boucheikha), Andorra (Laura Meseguer), Aotearoa New Zealand: English (Catherine Griffiths) Māori (Kris Sowersby), Argentina (Fer Cozzi), Armenia: Eastern Armenian (Araz Bogharian) Western Armenian (Garine Gokceyan), Austria (Miriam Selina Surányi), Bahrain (Khajag Apelian), Belgium: Dutch (Clara Sambot and Laure Giletti) French (Eugénie Bidaut) German (Clara Sambot), Bolivia: Quechua (Letterjuice) Spanish (Ana Michel), Brazil (Luisa B), Bulgaria (Krista Radoeva), Canada: English (Grendl Löfkvist) French (Mathieu Desjardins), Chile (José Solé), China (Lisa Huang), Colombia (Laura Ramírez), Costa Rica (Fabiola Mejía), Croatia (Zrinka Buljubašić), Cuba (Maria Montes), Cyprus (Omiros Panayides), Czech Republic (Rosetta and Kristýna Onallah), Democratic Republic of the Congo: French (Audry Kitoko Makelele) Lingala (Audry Kitoko Makelele), Denmark (John Vetter), Ecuador (Santiago Calle), Egypt (Najla Badran and Moussad Khudair Al-Borsaidy), Finland (Léo Guibert), France: Brezhoneg (Eugénie Bidaut) Catalan (Quentin Lamouroux) French (Sina Fakour) Limousin (Mariel Nils), Georgia (Akaki Razmadze), Germany (Selma Losch), Greece (George Triantafyllakos), Iceland (Elena Schneider, submitted by Dina Benbrahim), India: Bangla (Arnab Chakraborty) Gujarati (Lipi Raval) Hindi (Pooja Saxena) Kannada (Taresh Vohra) Tamil (Anagha Narayanan), Indonesia (Jimmy Ofisia), Iran (Sahar Afshar), Iraq (Mehrdad Moradi and Haifa Ferhan), Ireland (John Harrington), Italy (Francesca Bolognini), Iu Mien People (Faye Saechao and Francesca Bolognini), Jordan (Samar Zureik), Kuwait (Mohammad Sharaf), Lebanon (Rabab Charafeddine), Libya (Madghis M. Madi), Maldives (Thaana Type), Mexico (Romina Hernández), Morocco: Arabic (Khajag Apelian and Wael Marcos, submitted by Dina Benbrahim) Tamazight (Fouad Lahbib and Brahim Boucheikha), Nepal (The Graphic Ant), Netherlands (Hanna Donker), Nicaragua (Edwin Moreira), Norway (Benjamin R Gaupset), Pakistan (Abeera Kamran and Shaqa Bovand), Palestine (Omaima Dajani), Peru (Juan Villanueva), Poland (Maria Jarzyna), Portugal (Clara Borde de Castro), Romania (Andrei Ogradă), Russian Federation (Sasha Cherepanov), San Marino (Francesca Bolognini), Saudi Arabia (Walaa Beiruti), Singapore: English (Yingtong Tan) Mandarin (Yingtong Tan), Slovenia (Alja Herlah), South Africa (Pule kaJanolintji), Spain: Basque (Letterjuice) Catalan (Laura Meseguer) Galician (María Ramos) Spanish (Fermin Guerrero), Sweden (Lisa Maione), Switzerland: French (Daniel Haettenschwiller) German (Fabiola and Fabian) Italian (Luca Pellegrini) Romansh (Julien Mercier) Swiss German (Edgar Walthert), Syrian Arab Rebuplic (Mohamad Dakak), Thailand (Serii), Tunisia (Naïma Ben Ayed), Türkiye (Yaprak Buse Çağlar), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Zeynep Akay), USA (Dyana Weissman), Uruguay (Matías Fernandez Di Iorio), Viet Nam (Đinh Đức Hải). To be continued.

Second-half of 2023 font releases

Now that 2023 has come and gone, here is the follow-up to our July post, Mid-year Font Releases 2023. Since then, we’ve catalogued 42 additional releases during the year. In alphabettes-ical order:

graphic of various type specimens

ABOVE: Akuto Sans Serif by Bríguida Guerreiro / ALT Riviera by Giulia Boggio / Amboni by Anita Jürgeleit / Baleze Display by Daytona Mess / Bardamu by Anna Remm & Eugene Tantsurin / Brillante by Solenn Bordeau, Jolana Sýkorová & Jérémie Hornus

collection of type specimen graphics

ABOVE: Calix by Anne-Dauphine Borione / Chroma by Selina Bernet / Crysta by Carmen Nácher / Dash by Petra Dočekalová / Easy Grotesk by Olivia Wood & Alexander Rütten / Figura Sans by Jen Wagner

ABOVE: F37 Judge Arabic & Cyrillic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, Leo Philip & Ryan Williamson / F37 Blanka Arabic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, Rodrigo Fuenzalida & Ryan Williamson / F37 Bobby Arabic by Rick Banks & Shaqa Bovand / F37 Ginger Arabic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, & Ryan Williamson / Plush by Vika Usmanova, Ivelina Martinova, Joaquín Contreras Soto, Plamen Motev & Stefan Yatanski / Prisma Cyrillic by Viktoriya Grabowska

ABOVE: Invert by Anna Khorash / Labrada by Mercedes Jáuregui / Kyoshi by Alanna Munro / Limerick by Fanny Hamelin / Malutzki Initials by Lena Schmidt / Monochromic by Lynne Yun & Tamara S.

graphic of colorful type specimens

ABOVE: Playpen Sans by Veronika Burian, Laura Meseguer & José Scaglione / Moulin by Sandrine Nugue / MT Mighty Mono by Thy Hà / PVC by Hélène Marian / Quars by Pilar Cano & Ferran Milan / Quiz by Lu Leitenperger

collection of color type specimen graphics

ABOVE: Sandhouse by Sandra García / Scholar Round by Lisa Huang / Siche by Caterina Santullo
/ Ethic Serif by Jen Wagner / Tonka by Céline Hurka & Huw Williams / Whiskey Tango by Missy Meyer

collection of colorful type specimen graphics

ABOVE: TT Firs Text by Marina Khodak, Toma Streltsova, Antonina Zhulkova, Yulia Gonina, Nadyr Rakhimov, and Kirill Maslov / Peridot Devanagari by Pria Ravichandran / Splinter by Namrata Goyal / TT Neoris by Antonina Zhulkova, Yulia Gonina, Marina Khodak, Toma Streltsova, Anastasia Pogorelova, Lada Sobchenko, and Nadyr Rakhimov / Tiffin by Salomi Desai / Crushual Text by Boom Promphan

This annual type release information continues to be collected in a living spreadsheet, so if you see something amiss or missing, let us know and we’ll fix it. See you in 6 months (or so) 👋

This incomplete list of type releases is collected by María Ramos. Sophia Tai and Amy Papaelias helped cobble together this post.