Some of us

Below is a collection of photos of Alphabettes—and a few other colleagues—over the years at various type conferences and other special events. Have other photos to share? Let us know and we can add them here.

Morgane Pierson, Shani Avni, and Maria Glenda Bellarosa at the Face/Interface conference, Standford (USA), December 2023

Fontstand conference, Dublin, 9th of September 2023. Top row, from left to right, Diana Ovezea, Liza Enebeis, Petra Dočekalová, Marina Chaccur, and Veronika Burian. Bottom row, Krista Radoeva, María Ramos, Eleni Beveratou, Catherine Dixon, Indra Kupferschmid, Sabina Chipară, and Joana Correia.

Alphabettes 8th Anniversary Hangout, September 2023.

London, 2023. From left to right, Sol Kawage, Eleni Beveratou, Elena Veguillas, Alessia Mazzarella, Liron Lavi Turkenich, and Sahar Afshar.

AtypI Paris, 2023. María Montes, Laura Meseguer, Noe Blanco, Sol Matas, and Lara Captan.

Meetup during Kansas City Design Week, April 2023. Meghan Arnold, Lila Symons, and Lisa Maione.

Elena Veguillas presenting at the Alphabettes 24 Hour Hangout, March 2023.

Pooja Saxena, Bianca Berning, Elena Veguillas, Katerina Grushka, Sahar Afshar, Tanya George, Alessia Mazzarella, Krista Radoeva and others hidden behind their cameras at the Alphabettes 24 Hour Hangout, March 2023. Most likely discussing ladders and rulers.

Berlin, 2023. From left to right, Sol Matas, María Montes, Sol Kawage, and Elena Veguillas.

Delhi, May 2022. Pooja Saxena and Tanya George in a post-pandemic meet-up, their first live one in the country.

4th September 2019. Little meetup in Berlin, Ulrike Rausch, Indra Kupferschmid, Sol Matas, Martina Flor, and Amélie Bonet.

London, 2019. From left to right, Zeynep Akay, Bianca Berning, Amy Papaelias, Sahar Afshar, and Indra Kupferschmid.

Kerning conference, Faenza (Italy), 2019. Ulrike, Marianna, Laura and Sol at the pasta workshop.

BITS conference, Hua Hin (Thailand), 2018. From left to right, Lisa Schultz, Indra Kupferschmid, Tânia Raposo, Miriam Surányi, and Ulrike Rausch.

BITS, Hua Hin (Thailand), 2018. On the left, Miriam Surányi, Lisa Schultz, Natalie Raush. On the right, Kimya Gandhi and Indra Kupferschmid.

BITS, Hua Hin (Thailand), 2018. Ulrike, Indra, Tânia, and Kimya.

AtypI, Antwerp, 2018. From left to right, Laura Meseguer, Sol Matas, Liron Lavi Turkenich, Shani Avni, and Kimya Gandhi.

AtypiI Antwerp, 2018. Panel discussion about collaboration, authorship, and contribution. From left to right, Viktoriya Grabowska, Veronika Burian, María Ramos, and Joana Correia.

Typolabs, Berlin, 2018. Spanish speaking crew (from left to right), Sol Matas, María Ramos, Noe Blanco, and Laura Meseguer.

AtypI Montréal, 2017, Amy and Indra.

Typo Berlin, 2017. From left to right, Sol Matas, Liron Lavi Turkenich, Martina Flor, Ann Bessemans, and Gayaneh Bagdasaryan.

Encontro de Tipografia, Lisbon, 2017. Marina Chaccur and Laura Meseguer.

Typolabs, brunch in Berlin, 2017. From left to right: Nicole Dotin, Sol Matas, Martina Flor, and Joana Correia.

Typolabs, Berlin, 2017.

Graphic Means premiere in Seatle, 2017. The director Briar Levit together with Nicole Minoza and Meghan Arnold.

AtypI, Warsaw, 2016. In no particular order, Bianca Berning, Alice Savoie, Indra Kupferschmid, Roxane Gataud, Tania George, Alessia Mazzarela, Katharina Seidl, and Tassiana Nuñez Costa.

TypeCon, Seattle, 2016. From left to right, Theresa dela Cruz, Roxane Gataud, Nina Stössinger, Tânia Raposo, Bianca Berning, and Victoria Rushton.

Somewhere in the US, 2016. Lila Symons, Isabel Urbina Peña, and Elizabeth Carey Smith.

Adobe Max, San Diego, 2016. Top row, from left to right, Xandra Zamora, Remy Chwae, Shelley Gruendler, Victoria Rushton, and Debi Sementelli. Bottom row, Nina Stössinger, Martina Flor, and Meghan Arnold.

6th International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication (ICTVC), Thessaloniki, 2016. Panelists for “Collaborative practices in typeface design” (from L to R): Liron, Alessia, Bianca, Luisa and Laura.

Partying at ICTVC, Thessaloniki, 2016. Guess who is who?

Typo Berlin, 2016. From left to right, Theresa de la Cruz, Laura Serra, Isabel Urbina, Sol Kawage, Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, Sol Matas, Martina Flor, Julia Sysmalainen, Ulrike Rausch, and Andrea Tinnes.

Dinner with Alphabettes, Typo Berlin, 2016.

Round table discussion about women in type moderated by Nora García (on the left), Typomad, Madrid, 2015. From right to left, Veronika Burian, Sol Matas, Julia Kahl, Sandrine Nugue, and Tânia Raposo.

AtypI São Paulo, 2015. Catherine Dixon presenting Alphabettes for the first time.