Second-half of 2023 font releases

Now that 2023 has come and gone, here is the follow-up to our July post, Mid-year Font Releases 2023. Since then, we’ve catalogued 42 additional releases during the year. In alphabettes-ical order:

graphic of various type specimens

ABOVE: Akuto Sans Serif by Bríguida Guerreiro / ALT Riviera by Giulia Boggio / Amboni by Anita Jürgeleit / Baleze Display by Daytona Mess / Bardamu by Anna Remm & Eugene Tantsurin / Brillante by Solenn Bordeau, Jolana Sýkorová & Jérémie Hornus

collection of type specimen graphics

ABOVE: Calix by Anne-Dauphine Borione / Chroma by Selina Bernet / Crysta by Carmen Nácher / Dash by Petra Dočekalová / Easy Grotesk by Olivia Wood & Alexander Rütten / Figura Sans by Jen Wagner

ABOVE: F37 Judge Arabic & Cyrillic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, Leo Philip & Ryan Williamson / F37 Blanka Arabic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, Rodrigo Fuenzalida & Ryan Williamson / F37 Bobby Arabic by Rick Banks & Shaqa Bovand / F37 Ginger Arabic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, & Ryan Williamson / Plush by Vika Usmanova, Ivelina Martinova, Joaquín Contreras Soto, Plamen Motev & Stefan Yatanski / Prisma Cyrillic by Viktoriya Grabowska

ABOVE: Invert by Anna Khorash / Labrada by Mercedes Jáuregui / Kyoshi by Alanna Munro / Limerick by Fanny Hamelin / Malutzki Initials by Lena Schmidt / Monochromic by Lynne Yun & Tamara S.

graphic of colorful type specimens

ABOVE: Playpen Sans by Veronika Burian, Laura Meseguer & José Scaglione / Moulin by Sandrine Nugue / MT Mighty Mono by Thy Hà / PVC by Hélène Marian / Quars by Pilar Cano & Ferran Milan / Quiz by Lu Leitenperger

collection of color type specimen graphics

ABOVE: Sandhouse by Sandra García / Scholar Round by Lisa Huang / Siche by Caterina Santullo
/ Ethic Serif by Jen Wagner / Tonka by Céline Hurka & Huw Williams / Whiskey Tango by Missy Meyer

collection of colorful type specimen graphics

ABOVE: TT Firs Text by Marina Khodak, Toma Streltsova, Antonina Zhulkova, Yulia Gonina, Nadyr Rakhimov, and Kirill Maslov / Peridot Devanagari by Pria Ravichandran / Splinter by Namrata Goyal / TT Neoris by Antonina Zhulkova, Yulia Gonina, Marina Khodak, Toma Streltsova, Anastasia Pogorelova, Lada Sobchenko, and Nadyr Rakhimov / Tiffin by Salomi Desai / Crushual Text by Boom Promphan

This annual type release information continues to be collected in a living spreadsheet, so if you see something amiss or missing, let us know and we’ll fix it. See you in 6 months (or so) 👋

This incomplete list of type releases is collected by María Ramos. Sophia Tai and Amy Papaelias helped cobble together this post.

Some of us

Below is a collection of photos of Alphabettes—and a few other colleagues—over the years at various type conferences and other special events. Have other photos to share? Let us know and we can add them here.

Morgane Pierson, Shani Avni, and Maria Glenda Bellarosa at the Face/Interface conference, Standford (USA), December 2023

Fontstand conference, Dublin, 9th of September 2023. Top row, from left to right, Diana Ovezea, Liza Enebeis, Petra Dočekalová, Marina Chaccur, and Veronika Burian. Bottom row, Krista Radoeva, María Ramos, Eleni Beveratou, Catherine Dixon, Indra Kupferschmid, Sabina Chipară, and Joana Correia.

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Mid-year font releases 2023

We have reached a good number of font releases in 2023. Halfway between 2022 and 2024 seems like a good moment for a recap. What happened in the font market in these first six months of 2023? Get ready for a font treatment. Experimental, neutral, bold, colourful, classy, expressive, playful…, there are options for all kinds of type tastes. Explore the list and consider adding some of these new typefaces to your font library.

Samples of Readex Pro, CoFo Sona, CoFo Gothic, SFT Schrifted Sans, and SFT Sushka

Readex Pro by Nadine Chahine, Bonnie Shaver-Troup, Thomas Jockin, Santiago Orozco & Héctor Gómez / CoFo Sona by Liza Rasskazova / CoFo Gothic by Maria Doreuli / SFT Scrhifted Sans and SFT Sushka by Yulia Gonina

Samples of Adelle Sans Korean, Arvana, Dragon, Neutronic Hangeul, and 29LT Zarid Sans HZL

Adelle Sans Korean by Chorong Kim & Changseop Im/ Arvana by Noheul Lee & Loris Olivier / Dragon and Neutronic Hangeul by Minjoo Ham / 29LT Zarid Sans HZL by Lisa Huang & Chuyang Zheng

Samples of Nova Caps, Isard, Foldit, Rosalie, and Min Sans Stencil

Nova Caps by Tania Chacana / Isard by Pilar Cano & Ferran Milan / Foldit by Sophia Tai/ Rosalie by My-Lan Thuong / Min Sans Stencil by TienMin Liao

Samples of Waverse, Ciudadela_LC, Carole Serif, Melindrosa, and Hanae

Waverse by TienMin Liao / Ciudadela_LC by Muk Monsalve / Carole Serif by Lisa Schultz & Matz Gasser / Melindrosa by Flavia Zimbardi / Hanae by Flavia Zimbardi & Ayaka Ito

Samples of Jobim, Octavia, Amberwood, Relais, and Lo-Res Monospaced

Jobim by Flavia Zimbardi & Inga Plönnigs / Octavia by Flavia Zimbardi & Tida Tep / Amberwood by Alanna Munro / Relais by Olivia Wood & Alezander Rütten / Lo-Res Monospaced by Zuzana Licko

Samples of Avril, Borel, Caliste, Ginka, and Scorpione

Avril by Laurene Girbal / Borel by Rosalie Wagner / Caliste by Émilie Rigaud / Ginka by Julie Soudanne / Scorpione by Pauline Fourest

Samples of Aeroplan, Filip, Mikrobe, Baustraße, and Anona

Aeroplan by Nina Faulhaber / Filip and Mikrobe by Elena Schneider / Baustraße by Franziska Weitgruber & Michele Galluzzo / Anona by Joana Correia

Samples of Baga, Loretta Display, Solfa, Joc Display, and Silverknife

Baga by Joana Correia / Loretta Display by Joana Correia & Abel Martins / Solfa by Catarina Vaz & Rui Abreu / Joc Display by Sabina Kipară / Silverknife by Diana Ovezea

Samples of Ceraph, Fuzar, Sixten, V1olet, and Konrad

Ceraph by Emma Piercy / Fuzar by Noheul Lee & Loris Olivier / Sixten by María Ramos & Noel Pretorius / V1olet by Carmen Nácher / Konrad by Martina Meier

Samples of Felicette, Kensington, Neue Swiss, Salad Days, and Socko

Felicette by Lynne Yun & Cris R. Hernández / Kensington by Jen Hood / Neue Swiss by Jen Wagner / Salad Days by Meg Lewis / Socko by Libbie Bischoff

There is a handy spreadsheet that compiles some extra information. It’s a living document, so if you want to see something added to this list, please send a comment.

👏👏👏 Congrats to the designers and engineers behind all these releases. We are looking forward to discovering what’s next in the second half.

24 Hour Hangout for International Women’s Day 2023

Last year, we took a hiatus from our ridiculously complicated and sleep-depriving idea of a 24 Hour Hangout on International Women’s Day. The concept was first crafted in 2019, before endless video calls with friends around the world was as normal as shoving a medieval torture stick up your nose and wiggling it around for 15 seconds. This year, we’ve decided to once again (dis)organize our 24 Hour Hangout on Wednesday, March 8. And, we hope you’ll join us.

>>>Link to the live Hangout<<<<
Note: This year we’re using Jitsi.

Here’s how it works:

From March 8, 2023 at 12:00am ET / 05:00 UTC to 11:59pm ET / 04:59 UTC 3/9, stop by for conversations on type, design, the universe, what’s in that dreaded ‘desktop’ folder on our desktop, whatever! Everyone is welcome. Some times may be more spontaneous and chatty, other hours might be filled with activities and presentations.

Look! A Handy Timezone Chart!
timezone converter table

Some fun plans throughout the day (times in ET):
00:00: Amy kicks it off with a bedtime story
02:00: Liron and her daughter, a budding 7 year old lettering artist, talk about learning to write
03:00: Typewriter chat with María and friends
09:00: Boom shares what she’s up to in Bangkok and Luang Prabang, Laos this month
10:00: Ro and friends discuss the recent anticonferences and events they just organized
11:00: La Hora Spanish with Caro and friends
12:00: La Segunda Hora Spanish with Laura, María, Elena and amigas
14:00: Alanna and Sophia on live streaming type design
15:00: Ro and friends will make posters in preparation for the Women’s Day march
16:00: Bianca and Tânia show books and chat
17:00: Luisa’s Advice hour! Unqualified advice about life, typography and everything else.
18:00: Teresa hosts type conference social hour. Yes, there is a TypeCon this year.
21:00: Lisa on AI generators + letters + typography + low-res impressions of language

and more! Surprises! Fun! Chats!

Who can attend:

You! All are welcome* to stop by when you can and leave when you need. Video is possible but just audio is fine, too. Or, just help the chat stay aflame. Keep an eye on this post and the socials for any updates and help us spread the word! INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY = FUN.

* Participants must follow our code of conduct.