Second-half of 2023 font releases

Now that 2023 has come and gone, here is the follow-up to our July post, Mid-year Font Releases 2023. Since then, we’ve catalogued 42 additional releases during the year. In alphabettes-ical order:

graphic of various type specimens

ABOVE: Akuto Sans Serif by Bríguida Guerreiro / ALT Riviera by Giulia Boggio / Amboni by Anita Jürgeleit / Baleze Display by Daytona Mess / Bardamu by Anna Remm & Eugene Tantsurin / Brillante by Solenn Bordeau, Jolana Sýkorová & Jérémie Hornus

collection of type specimen graphics

ABOVE: Calix by Anne-Dauphine Borione / Chroma by Selina Bernet / Crysta by Carmen Nácher / Dash by Petra Dočekalová / Easy Grotesk by Olivia Wood & Alexander Rütten / Figura Sans by Jen Wagner

ABOVE: F37 Judge Arabic & Cyrillic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, Leo Philip & Ryan Williamson / F37 Blanka Arabic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, Rodrigo Fuenzalida & Ryan Williamson / F37 Bobby Arabic by Rick Banks & Shaqa Bovand / F37 Ginger Arabic by Rick Banks, Shaqa Bovand, & Ryan Williamson / Plush by Vika Usmanova, Ivelina Martinova, Joaquín Contreras Soto, Plamen Motev & Stefan Yatanski / Prisma Cyrillic by Viktoriya Grabowska

ABOVE: Invert by Anna Khorash / Labrada by Mercedes Jáuregui / Kyoshi by Alanna Munro / Limerick by Fanny Hamelin / Malutzki Initials by Lena Schmidt / Monochromic by Lynne Yun & Tamara S.

graphic of colorful type specimens

ABOVE: Playpen Sans by Veronika Burian, Laura Meseguer & José Scaglione / Moulin by Sandrine Nugue / MT Mighty Mono by Thy Hà / PVC by Hélène Marian / Quars by Pilar Cano & Ferran Milan / Quiz by Lu Leitenperger

collection of color type specimen graphics

ABOVE: Sandhouse by Sandra García / Scholar Round by Lisa Huang / Siche by Caterina Santullo
/ Ethic Serif by Jen Wagner / Tonka by Céline Hurka & Huw Williams / Whiskey Tango by Missy Meyer

collection of colorful type specimen graphics

ABOVE: TT Firs Text by Marina Khodak, Toma Streltsova, Antonina Zhulkova, Yulia Gonina, Nadyr Rakhimov, and Kirill Maslov / Peridot Devanagari by Pria Ravichandran / Splinter by Namrata Goyal / TT Neoris by Antonina Zhulkova, Yulia Gonina, Marina Khodak, Toma Streltsova, Anastasia Pogorelova, Lada Sobchenko, and Nadyr Rakhimov / Tiffin by Salomi Desai / Crushual Text by Boom Promphan

This annual type release information continues to be collected in a living spreadsheet, so if you see something amiss or missing, let us know and we’ll fix it. See you in 6 months (or so) 👋

This incomplete list of type releases is collected by María Ramos. Sophia Tai and Amy Papaelias helped cobble together this post.

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