49 fonts and more in 2022

As we say goodbye to 2022, let’s sip some champagne and celebrate a few things we accomplished this year.

Since January, we’ve featured 49 new font releases on our Instagram account. Kudos to María Ramos, who kept pace with the formidable influx of new releases throughout the year. Oh look, a pretty grid of type promos:

a grid of graphics promoting different fonts -- shown in a range of colors and scale

Row 1:
Streco by Sophia Tai / Grato Marker by Teja Smrekar / 29LT Zarid Sans DL by Kimya Gandhi / Pouf by Linda Hintz / Firdevs by Dyana Weissman & Fevzi Yazıcı / Olympe Mono by Émilie Rigaud / La Contraste by Naïma Ben Ayed

Row 2:
Nawin by Pilar Cano & Ferran Milan / Fig Grotesk by TienMin Liao / Mausoleum by Phaedra Charles / Fit Devanagari by Kimya Gandhi / ExtraC by Sandra García / Fontanella by Coto Mendoza / Portada Arabic by Sahar Afshar

Row 3:
CoFo Meteor by Anna Khorash & Liza Rasskazova / Rezac by Anya Danilova / Lithops by Anne-Dauphine Borione / Scorpione by Pauline Fourest / Dudler by Franziska Weitgruber / Giparan by Noheul Lee & Loris Olivier / Pasticcino by Dafne Martínez

Row 4:
Edie & Eddy by Lisa Fischbach / Bay Sans by Barbara Bigosińska / Etude by Emilie Atwood / Mayonnaise by Pauline Fourest / Rumiko by Natalie Rauch / JAF Cupidus by Shoko Mugikura & Tim Ahrens / Monstera by Pauline Fourest

Row 5:
Bajazzo by Lisa Schultz / Silvana by Siri Lee Lindskrog / Mule by Samira Schneuwly / CoFo Cinema 1909 by Lisa Rasskazova / Ikat by Lipi Raval / Wesna by Alja Harlah / Curiously by Martha Sue Coursey

Row 6:
Areon Pro by Noheul Lee / Ella by Laura Meseguer / Aneto by Azza Alameddine, Roxane Gataud, Veronika Burian & José Scaglione / Amarga by Sofia Mohr / Cobra VIP by Samara Keller, Cornel Windlin & Weichi He / Review Mono Ultracondensed by Sophie Wietlisbach / Bisbee by Emanuela Conidi

Row 7:
MariaClara by Alli Cunanan / Portofino by Louise Fili & Matthew Smith / Adapter Mono by Tania Chacana / Juma by Cyla Costa / Pritzious by Valentina Casali / Leluja Original by Andrea Kulpas / Looklyn by TienMin Liao

María also made this handy spreadsheet featuring the typeface’s designer, script(s), and link. It’s a living document, so if you want to see something added to this list, please get in touch.

And while Instagram is a great way to share, we still see the value in this little slice of the internet that’s searchable and non-transactional and will not be bought by a megalomaniac billionaire anytime soon. In 2022, we published 28 new headers and 10 articles (ok 11, if you count this one). Here are some highlights:

New Borders: The Working Life of Elizabeth Friedlander by María Ramos, shares some great finds in the now digitized 1998 biography.

Woman’s Search for Meaning by Dyana Weissman, discusses the process of designing the typeface Firdevs, based on the work of imprisoned journalist Fevzi Yazıcı.

АБЕТКИ by Vika & Vita, documents the making of our first Ukrainian header, “in between running into the bomb shelter”.

Ukrainian Type Design Heritage in Modern Context by Katerina Korolevtseva, showcases the rich history of Ukrainian type design.

Interview with Shani Avni republished from the New York Public Library’s blog, details her research into type design David Ismar’s work for The Jewish Palestine Pavilion at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

Thai Type Tourist by Maria Montes, shares her time in Chiang Mai and highlights Thai type designers.

Protest Scribes by Shaqa Bovand, examines the history of protest art and lettering in Iran and Bovand’s own work in the current Women, Life, Freedom movement, which inspired us to change our header for the time being.

Leaving a Mark: Ezhishin Interviews by Amy Papaelias, features some of the speakers at the first conference on Native North American Type Design.

Finally, the Alphabettes Mentorship Program continues to flourish, thanks to the efforts of Alessia Mazzarella, Eleni Beveratou, Liron Lavi Turkenich, Veronika Burian and Shani Avni, and all participants. You can read more what’s in store for next year here.

Cheers to another orbit around the sun and to future type releases, articles, headers, and mentorship. See you in 2023 ✌️🍾

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