Alphacrit: April 27, 2018

Ever wonder what Dana Tanamachi and Kelly Thorn think of your work? You can find out! The focus of this Alphacrit session is lettering, where Dana and Kelly will provide constructive feedback on your own works of lettering. Nicole Dotin will moderate to ensure a smooth crit. Read on to learn more.

Dana Tanamachi and Kelly Thorn

Dana Tanamachi began her career as a graphic designer, but serendipitously discovered she had a knack for creating large-scale chalk lettering murals — a trend which she pioneered beginning in 2009. Post-chalk, she now runs her Seattle-based company Tanamachi Studio where she blends her talents in lettering, design, and illustration for clients such as Nike, Target, West Elm, Instagram HQ, and the USPS. In 2017 she spent the entire year spearheading the ESV Illuminated Bible project, with over 500+ gold ink illustrations.

Kelly Thorn is a lettering artist and illustrator who runs the design studio Charles&Thorn with her husband Spencer Charles, whom she met while they were both working at Louise Fili, Ltd. Together, Kelly and Spencer specialize in lettering, type design, illustration, branding, packaging, book covers, and all of the intersections in between — including, but not limited to hand-poked tattoos!

What to expect: Four people will present their work or works-in-progress, each receiving approximately 10 minutes of feedback from Dana and Kelly. The entire session will last about an hour. Participants will have the benefit of sitting in on the other critiques as well. Work submitted for review can be anything from single lettered words, to logos, to lettered book covers. You may want to submit only one complicated piece or 5-10 smaller pieces to talk about your overall trajectory. Work samples need to be ready about a week before the session so plan ahead!

When & where: Friday, April 27 at 11 am Central (UTC -5) via video conferencing.

Who can participate: This session is open to everyone. Depending on demand, we will give preference to underrepresented groups and people who haven’t participated before. Underrepresented groups include, but are not limited to: women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals. The four spots will be drawn lottery style.

How to apply: Fill out this form:

The form asks for some very basic information, like your name and email address. Nothing you can’t handle.

Apply by: April 13, 2018

Questions: Still have questions? Send us an email.