Baking decadent stuff with my best friend, Kári

Homemade packaged chocolates
What can we do if we are stuck at home 24/7 besides swallowing Cheetos in bed? The answer started with painting each other’s toenails in multiple colors but it was only funny once. Cheetos weren’t appetizing anymore thanks to my sudden all-day-long-sickness. Yay pregnancy! For four months, I could either eat blend pasta or sweets. So, with my best friend and partner, Kári, we baked to put a smile on my puky face after drooling on the Great British Baking Show.
French gateau and mille-feuille
From birthday cakes without birthdays to French gâteaux, mille-feuille, donuts, beignets, kleinur, churros, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, swiss meringues, macarons, apple tarts, lemon pies, fekkas, crêpes, waffles, pancakes, beghrir, msemen, harcha, marzipan fruits, sourdough, rye breads and funky buns—we travelled with our palates to France, Morocco and Iceland.
Souffle with strawberries
Flour flew in the kitchen, sprinkles got everywhere, the dishwasher never got so much attention and we felt lighter than ever. All worries disappeared during these few hours of making something new or revisiting a grandma recipe.
Birthday cake and ice cream cones
Obviously, all the kilos were worth every bite into this world of happiness. All 12 kilos. Maybe the little human inside my belly contributed a bit to this number.
Fekkas, donuts and apple muffins
We are celebrating the last few days of 2020 with the saddest and most delicious Christmas cookies ever. I guess it summarizes the crazy pretty well.
Sad Christmas Cookies

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