You know the problem: you set your mind on a typeface and then it’s not available in your size, format, or for the machine you have. 😞 In the case of Bodoni, this just got a little less likely to happen.


Yum. Fake Small Caps

Card Bodoni for one is the latest style in the expansive ATF Bodoni series. Like virtually everything at ATF, it was drawn by Morris Fuller Benton as an adaption of their standard smash hit to an all-caps titling face (meaning, cast on the full body without descenders). This is especially handy for the setting of forms, cards (duh) and other stationary. A few glyphs like J, Q and punctuation were changed so that they do not reach below the baseline.


What’s been even more exciting about Bodoni is that it also got recently adapted for the Linotype — and we had the exclusive opportunity to peek over Mr Hanning’s and Lunmger’s shoulder at the Mergenthaler drawing office in Brooklyn! The Linotype version is a tad narrower in the larger sizes due to some mechanical restrictions but no less striking. Ask your local linotype salesman if they already have it available for you. (And while you’re at it, don’t forget to order your Big Red; they surely will sell out fast.)

Yeah, I don’t know either, sorry

Yeah, I don’t know either, sorry