Calling All Mentors!

Join us for the autumn term to make a real impact! Simply fill in this form and wait to be matched.

* Not sure you could be a mentor? If you are unsure you are a good fit to join as a Mentor send us message we will chat with you about it. Most likely you ARE a great fit, and can really help making a change in people’s lives
* Worried about the commitment? If this is a busy time for you, you can sign up for as little as a 1 month program (about 4 sessions). You get to decide with the Mentee your preferred method of communication: Zoom, email, Slack or a combination
* How is the schedule? The sessions are flexible in time and dates, and you set them with your Mentee in a way which will make it work for both of you
* Will I need to be a mentor forever? We have two annual terms: spring and autumn. After every term, we check in to confirm with you that you are happy to continue. If you feel like you need a break, you can always pause
* What if I’m not a type designer? We have so many topics that Mentees are seeking guidance on: research, education, lettering, font production, business, writing, typography. If you are in type, you can be a huge help!
* Can only women be Mentors? Not at all! Everyone is welcome. Since Alphabettes is a network supporting woman, we centre a woman in every pair
* Want to hear more? We can send you a recording of a previous Q&A session we did for Mentors. Just email us at

We look forward to having you on our team!
Alessia, Eleni, Liron, Veronika and Shani