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This is the first in a series of letter love Love Letters where we’re showing a piece of letter-related ephemera we love.

buttermann sw

I love Buttermann (butter man), the logo/mascot of the Dresden Brüder Butter type foundry (later Schriftguss A.-G.) from the 1920s. It is so joyful and affable like no other logo today, at least not in any type related business. Buttermann cheers to you from specimen books, merchandise coins, or hurries through poster type with a spoon of lead in his hand.

Schriftguss A.-G. vorm. Brüder Butter Dresden N.

The 1925 Schriftguss A.-G. specimen book. Photo by Lars Schwarz

Schriftguss AG 2216

Buttermann as chromatic metal type! From: Fundicion tipografica, Schriftguss A.-G. vorm. Brüder Butter Dresden, ca. 1925 (Spanish edition). Photo by Romesh Naik

Promotional coins from 1921, likely made for a trade fair. Photo by Maurice Göldner

Promotional coins from 1921, likely made for a trade fair. Photo by Maurice Göldner

Maurice even made Buttermann into a 3D-superhero

How can you not want to purchase Brüder Butter products seeing him!? When Shiva Nallaperumal asked on Twitter, what the best type foundry identity is in our view, I didn’t have to think for a second.

Buttermann also gained recognition among Slack users as a Custom Slack Emoji, so much so that some fans started to reenact it.

Elena living the letter love

And since the type products of Schriftguss and their history are just as affable as their mascot, I’ve written some more about it over in the Research section.



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