That’ll be 20 John Hudsons, please

Speaking of traveling the world and looking at money —
a few months ago, several of us attended the fantastic Typofest conference in Bulgaria organized by Krista Radoeva and Boril Karaivanov. Several, but apparently there were even more type colleagues present than we knew would be coming. Maria Doreuli spotted him first while we were still in Sofia …


From that moment on, we could not unsee it anymore. Every time one of us had to pay for something, we were pulling out, admiring, and reluctantly giving away our John Hudsons. He was everywhere! In the presentation by Laurence Penney (snap below by Frederik Berlaen)

and in the documentation of the Modern Cyrillic type design competition.


Yes, John is an internationally highly regarded expert on type, scripts, and other things (espresso) but, man, I didn’t know he had such an impact and notoriety in Bulgaria!

This post is not really a serious part of of My 2¢, a series on money-related type and lettering examples, stories and thoughts. You should read the rest of the series here, much more knowledgable than this one.