The Mischievous Santa

You know you have been spending way too much time at home when you start naming the squirrels. Yes, you read correctly, naming squirrels; So far, I have White Ears, Delta, Fatso, and Stubs. But, that’s not why I’m here, and nor are you. 

The one time I did leave my home, it was the middle of June, and I was opening a dusty drawer in an antique store; here is what I found: A box with mold flecks and gold flecks. 

Jean Droit, a French illustrator, painted these cards about 100 years ago. I like this Santa; He isn’t your button-down Ho-Ho-Ho type of Santa of shopping malls today. Heck, quite the opposite. Elves? Forget Em! They were replaced by Cupid, your pantless cherub friend. This Santa hides the Christmas party kissers behind his back (scandalous). Also, No more milk and cookies, Santa seems to have slimmed down about 150 pounds and is light enough to be carried by a flock of geese.

In the warmth of summer, when I purchased these cards, I was uncertain of their destiny. Were they going to be forgotten Christmas cards forever?  I wanted to share them, but where?  Thankfully, Alphabettes has resolved my months of anxiety by allowing me to show them to you here.

Happy Holidays everyone and happy New Year! 

-Erica C.


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