The Type Conference Fee is Too Damn High

With type conference season in high gear, designers everywhere are uttering sighs of disbelief at the prohibitive costs of getting one’s geek on.

The discussions over conference fees, travel and hotel expenses are understandable. And given the variety of international type conference options available these days (ATypI, TypeCon, TYPO, Ampersand, TypeTalks, ICTVC, Typography Day, Granshan, Kerning, oh, and this), how does one even chose what is worth attending?

New Yorkers may be familiar with The Rent is Too Damn High Party, a political party that has, since 2005, nominated Jimmy McMillan for mayor of New York City and governor of New York state. As its name implies, the party’s continued focus is on the impossibly high rental prices that fail to meet the demands of the city’s population.

Are type conference fees too damn high? Despite the variety of events, price points and locations, like New York City’s rents, are there still enough affordable and accessible options to meet the demands of the ever-growing typophile population?

Currently petitioning to include McMillan on the 2013 mayoral ballot, the Party’s website makes its position pretty clear: **Rent Is Too Damn High There Is Nothing Else To Talk About. Absolutely “NOTHING”.**


Perhaps we could talk about some web fonts for its site but hey, I’m just a type nerd.

This post was originally published on a long, lost Typophile blog, but has been recently rescued from the deepest depths of the Internet Archive.

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