What got me through 2020, doodled.

[Hand written title: What got me through 2020 by Lila Symons] [ID: drawing of a mug with matcha latte] [Text: mastering the matcha latte] [ID: drawing of laptop. On the screen, a yoga class is happening on zoom] [Text: all the virtual yoga classes and meditation groups that got me through my darkest days] [ID: drawing of black bathingsuit] [Text: lunchtime swim breaks] [ID: drawing of full laundry basket with a washer and dryer behind it] [Text: having a washer & dryer in my home] [ID: drawing of a patch of grass] [Text: reading a book in the grass at my favorite park] [ID: drawing of a fuchsia heart] [Text: relief your friend who was on a ventilator fighting for her life survived COVID-19] [ID: drawing of two face masks. One cloth in a colorful pattern, the other a one-time use mask] [Text: face mask, and everyone who wears them] [ID: drawing of a scented candle] [Text: candles from Verdant] [ID: drawing of the New York Times Daily Mini crossword puzzle] [Text: solving the New York Times Daily Mini the fastest (a rare occurrence)] [ID: drawing of paper money. One of the bills is a five-dollar bill] [Text: seeing a delivery person or barista light up when they discover the large tip you gave them was not a mistake.] [ID: drawing of the walking tracker icon on my smart watch] [Text: those days I walked over 10,000 steps] [ID: drawing of an open sketchbook. Each page has a letter A drawn on it in different colors and styles. Next to the sketchbook is a paintbrush and a small palette of paint.] [Text: secret art projects with friends] [ID: drawing of mobile phone in a text message box where two users send text messages to each other. The first bubble is a heart, the second bubble is a heart, and below both text bubbles the ellipses bubble, a symbol on iPhones that means a message is waiting to be received] [Text: the peace that comes with knowing that your last words with a loved one were "I love you"] [ID: drawing of rainbow] [Text: rainstorms and rainbows reminding us that they are with us, even if they are no longer in this world.]

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