List of resources on designing diacritics

Aleksandra Samuļenkova shared this list of ‘sources concerning diacritics and special characters of the Latin script’ which is just too good to be buried on Twitter.
It would be great if we could all add more tips in the comments!

• An essay by Victor Gaultney on Problems of diacritic design for Latin script text faces

• An article by David Březina On Diacritics

• A great book about Central European diacritics: The Insects Project, a website about diacritics maintained by Filip Blažek

Context of Diacritics, a website maintained by Ondrej Jób by SIL International

• Find out in which (rare) orthographies a letter is used:, a site by Radek Sidun

This video of David Jonathan Ross’s talk about drawing accents by Donny Trương

• About Icelandic letters, see Gunnlaugur Briem’s site

• About Æ: Designing the Letter Æ by Frode Helland on Medium

• About Latvian diacritics: Video of presentation the Diacritics as a Means of Self-Identification by Aleksandra Samuļenkova at ATypI Warsaw

List of pangrams in different languages by Richard Rutter

• Book suggested (and written) by Bernd Kappenberg: Setting Signs for Europe – Why Diacritics Matter for European Integration. ISBN 978-3-8382-0663-9

Flickr Group of ‘fancy’, unusual, real-life examples of diacritics

About German ß and ẞ:

Esszet or ß by James Mosley on his blog

The German Capital Letter Eszett by Christoph Koeberlin on Medium

Versal-Eszett (ẞ) – Bedeutung/Definition by Ralf Herrmann on (in German)

Capital Sharp S designs. The good, the bad and the ugly, also by Ralf Herrmann on…

Capital Sharp S – Germany’s new character, also by Ralf Herrmann on

• Examples of capital-ß’s in this Flickr Group

About Polish diacritics:

• Discussion on the Polish Kreska Language Feature on Type Drawers

Localize Your Font: Polish Kreska by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

• The Wikipedia entry on the Ogonek,

Polish Diacritics, How to? site by Adam Twardoch

About Romanian (comma accent vs. cedilla):

Comments on cedilla and comma below (revision 2) by Denis Moyogo Jacquerye on

Tcomma and Tcedilla, a discussion on Type Drawers

• Posts on Romanian Diacritic Marks on Kitblog / Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul

The history of messing up Romanian on computers by Michael S. Kaplan

Additional tips Veronika Burian and Petra Černe Oven shared at a talk:

Compiled for the blog by Indra Kupferschmid

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