Greetings From Isla Mujeres

Last spring I found myself desperate for a vacation while also paying off also my student loans. Like the scrappy gal I am, I decided there was only one thing to do—mooch off my parents!

I was vaguely aware of their plans to travel to Cancun for spring break, so I asked if I could join their all inclusive adventure. They agreed. I was off to Mexico!

After five days of touristy ~chill~ we decided to take a boat to Isla Mujeres.

If the boats on the pier were any indication of the lettering I was about to see on the island, I knew I was in for a treat.





My parents’ friend, Kenny, who grew up in Mexico gave us a tour of the island. For the most part, everyone tolerated my demands to stop the golf cart so I could document the local lettering.





I didn’t even have to ask Kenny if we could stop at the graveyard. He just took us there. I was only a little miffed that I didn’t bring rubbing materials with me. I’m convinced one of these will serve as source material for a typeface in the future.




Then there were the more expressive signs 🙂



Thank you Isla Mujeres for being a part of My Big Typographic Day Out on SB16

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