Kerning Conference in Faenza, Italy

I just finally watched this great little video re-cap from Kerning conference in June this year where, among others, Laura Worthington and I had great fun to speak at. The conference takes place every year in the small town Faenza in the north of Italy, close to Bologna and Rimini. You should really really consider going next year!

Not only is the town and location charming, the organizers super nice (and professional), the programming always thoughtful with great talks, and the Italian weather excellent, the food … oh my, and an Aperol spritz at the end of a warm sunny day in Italy is pretty unbeatable. I recommend adding a day or five around the conference for some trips, for instance to visit Bologna, or Florence, or Venice — all not too long train rides away — or the amazing Tipoteca Italiana type museum in Cornuda. (For the very curious, I wrote a personal post about my trip this year on my own site, but kind of too goofy to post it here or to link to.)

If you’re still not convinced, check out these photos that really capture the spirit of this small, friendly event. And then I’ll see you there next year!