Alphabettes News — October 2015

In this edition of Alphabettes in News we pick up on some slack from September, show you a variety of great work by women designers, and bring to you the opportunity to learn more about their research and hear their opinions about typography and type design.

Dyana Weissman completes thirteen years at Font Bureau
Dyana Weissman, whose Benton Modern Display is a personal favourite (she designed the extension with Richard Lipton), completed thirteen years of working at Font Bureau last month, where, she says, some of her favourite clients have been Adidas, Marie Claire magazine, TIME magazine, and Korn Design.

TypeTogether releases Alisa Nowak’s Eskapade Fraktur Black and Fraktur Black Italic
After three years of its release, Alisa Nowak’s inventive Eskapade gets an update with a new Fraktur Black and Fraktur Black Italic.


Luisa Baeta and Marina Chaccur’s work is selected for the 11th Bienal ADG
Luisa Baeta’s typeface Bligh (shown below), published by Dalton Maag, and Marina Chaccur’s UOL custom type family for Universo Online (co-designed with Crystian Cruz) have been selected for the 11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial (Bienal ADG), which took place in Rio de Janeiro between October 30 and November 11, 2015.Shelley Gruendler interviewed by Print Magazine 
In this interview with Print Magazine, Shelley Gruendler (photograph below courtesy of Mik Milman) talks about her motivations for running Type Camp, and what she will be looking for in entries for the 2015 Print Typography and Lettering Awards, which she is judging.

Catherine Dixon is keynote speaker at ATypI São Paulo 2015
Catherine Dixon was one of the three keynote speakers at ATypI São Paulo 2015. Her presentation was titled Mas tudo bem! In search of typographic optimism. You can read a short abstract of the talk on the ATypI website or see live-notes taken by Dave Crossland during the conference here.

Now listen to ISType 2015 talks by Alice Savoie, Lara Captan and Sofie Beier online
Talks from the fourth instalment of ISType held in June this year are now online and available for viewing for free. If you, like me, didn’t make it to Instanbul, you can now hear Alice speak about phototypesetting, Lara about the Arabic script, and Sofie about typeface legibility.

Victoria Rushton’s Marcia is released by Font Bureau
This month, Victoria Rushton’s typeface family, Marcia, a high-contrast design with the right doses of whimsy, was released by Font Bureau.


Featured in Dutch Alphabets
Barbara BigosińskaMaria DoreuliMartina FlorHansje van HalemLida Lopes CardozoDiana OvezeaKrista Radoeva (a development sketch of her lettering sample is shown below), Trine RaskIrina SmirnovaHeidi Sørensen and Nina Stössinger are among those featured in Dutch Alphabets, a portfolio showcasing samples of lettering and writing by contemporary ‘Dutch’ lettering artists, type designers, calligraphers and sign painters.