Alphabettes News – August 2016

With the Northern hemisphere slithering into winter temperatures, let’s recap a bit more of our summer in type:

Fiona Ross interviewed by Eye on Design
British type historian and designer, Fiona Ross was interviewed by Eye on Design about her experience in designing typefaces for for a number of scripts such as Arabic, Hindi, Devanagari, Malayalam, Sinhala, and Thai.

Alphabettes at WMCFest
Jillian Adel and Isabel Urbina Peña both presented at the WMCFest held in Cleveland between August 5–7.

Bianca Berning interviewed by Type Thursday
Type Thursday interviewed Bianca Berning where they discussed her work as head of the Skills and Process department at Dalton Maag, and her involvement with the Alphabettes Mentoring Programme.

Nina Stössinger joins Frere-Jones Type
After closing her studio, Typologic, Nina Stössinger has joined Frere-Jones Type as Senior Designer.

Gender parity at TypeCon Seattle and many of us on stage
At this year’s edition of TypeCon there was gender parity in their line-up of speakers. Speakers and workshop facilitators included Ann Bessemans, Nadine Chahine, Petra Dočekalová, Sibylle Hagmann, Joyce Ketterer, Briar Levit, Aoife Mooney, Mary Catherine Pflug, Nina Stössinger and Laura Worthington.


Center girl group from left to right: Theresa dela Cruz (behind her Ariadne Remoundakis), Roxane Gataud, Nina Stössinger, Tania Râposo, (behind Nina’s whiskey Petra Dočekalová), Bianca Berning, and Victoria Rushton

Roxane Gataud is winner of the 2016 SOTA Catalyst Award
Roxane Gataud was named winner of the 2016 SOTA Catalyst Award. She presented her work at TypeCon, where she was also presented with a certificate designed by Laura Worthington.

protoType exhibition at TypeCon Seattle
The works of Liron Lavi Turkenich and other women designers were selected to be exhibited as part of protoType, a competition and exhibition of the most innovative ideas in type design, held at TypeCon in Seattle.

Kontour joins Type Network
Sibylle Hagman’s Kontour becomes the latest foundry to partner with Type Network.

Isabel Urbina Peña interviewed by Girl Boss
Girl Boss interviewed Isabel Urbina Peña last month where they talked about she got into book design, and her work on Yes, Equal.

And we published our “Greetings from …” vacation series, if you want to let our dream destinations roll past you again.

Alphabettes News – July 2016

The Alphabettes are taking a small break from their travels to bring you news from July. We hope to back with monthly updates from this month; wish us luck!

Tribute to Rosemary Sassoon during the 7º Congreso Internacional de Tipografía
At 7º Congreso Internacional de Tipografía held in Valencia (Spain), tribute was paid to Rosemary Sassoon, who is best known for designing the Sassoon series of typefaces specifically for children.

Alphabettes at 6th International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication (ICTVC)
At the 6th International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication (ICTVC), which was held in Thessaloniki (Greece), Liron Lavi Turkenich presented a talk on the subject Latinised Hebrew, Radical anecdotes in search for solutions, and also joined Laura Meseguer, Luisa Baeta, Bianca Berning, Alessia Mazzarella for a panel discussion on Collaborative practices in typeface design.

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Greetings from Goa

It can be quite the cliché to mention the cultural diversity in a country as large as India, but sometimes, the obvious deserves repeating, especially when it can be supplemented with photographs of beautiful shop signs and house nameplates. In order to demonstrate this, I invite you to join me in Goa, the smallest of India’s twenty-nine states, well-known for its beaches, parties and electronic music festivals.

Unlike the majority of the country, the state of Goa wasn’t a colony of the British. The Portuguese arrived here in the early 1500s and Goa remained under their control till 1961 when it was annexed by India after military action. Interestingly, it was 1556 in Goa that the first printing press from the West arrived in India. Over 450 years of Portuguese rule has left its mark here and it is easy to spot in the architecture and lettering, especially in neighbourhoods like Fontainhas, an old Latin Quarter in the state capital Panjim.

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My 2¢: From Hendecagonal to Round

For a brief spell in the 90s, I fancied myself as a coin collector. The interest didn’t last too long, but I did end up with a few old Indian coins that I still like, including a 1945 pice that has a hole punched in the middle. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was in primary school, but I was very fond of coins with interesting shapes, like the 1p, 10p and 20p coins. There is little wonder then that my all-time favourite coin was the ₹2 one—it was a hendecagonal (or an 11-sided polygon), and I saw it and used it everyday.

Coins of denomination 1 pice (1945), 1p (1965), 10p (1986), 20p (1987) and ₹2 (2000)

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Alphabettes News — December 2015 and January 2016

It is back to regular programming after a month of Love Letters, and we are here with news from December 2015 and January 2016. There is a lot to read, so dive right in!

Tamye Riggs is ATypI’s new Executive Director
Tamye, who is a writer, editor, and designer specializing in typography and the related arts, and served both as founding board member, and then executive director of the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), is now the Executive Director of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).

Round-table discussion about women in type and Alphabettes at TypoMad in Madrid
Alphabettes Sol Matas, Sandrine Nugue, Julia Kahl, Veronika Burian, and Tânia Raposo participated in a round-table discussion moderated by Nora García at TypoMad in Madrid to talk about women in the world of typeface design and Alphabettes. Read more about the type conferences in December here. (photo below by TypoMad).


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Pooja Loves Newspapers

2016 is a leap year, and all thanks to that I get to be here a second time to profess my love for one more thing. Even though I haven’t bought a newspaper to read the news in years, every time I spot a newspaper whose copy I don’t own, I need to buy it. What started as a couple of innocent purchases has turned into an obsession—some would even call it love!

A sample of nameplates from Indian newspapers (from top to bottom): Gujarat Samachar (Gujarati), Eenadu (Telugu), Madhyamam (Malayalam), Andolan (Kannada), Dinaethal (Tamil), Dainik Bhaskar (Devanagari), Lokmat (Marathi in Devanagari), Rozana Spokesman (Punjabi in Gurmukhi), Inquilab (Urdu in Nastaliq), Namasthe Telangana (Telugu), Sakal Bela (Bengali) and The Pioneer (English)

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