The Love Letters

During the month of February 2016, Alphabettes contributors opened their minds and hearts to create the Love Letters series. From Rio to Bangalore, Spain to California, we were taken on a world-wide tour of beloved treasures, found objects, personal histories and typographic ephemera. Enjoy the collection and let’s do it again soon.

Indra loves Buttermann
Indra ❤ Buttermann
Bianca ❤ paperbacks
Bianca ❤ paperbacks
Taylor loves interrobangs
Taylor ❤ interrobangs
Pooja loves street lettering
Pooja ❤ street lettering
Amy ❤ Modess
Isabel loves letters in chrome
Isabel ❤ chrome letters
Laura Loves “Polskie Pismo”
Laura ❤ Polskie Pismo
Lynne loves matchbox labels
Lynne ❤ matchbox labels
Tiffany loves graveyards
Tiffany ❤ graveyards
Liron loves Henri’s type strips
Liron ❤ Henri’s strips
Tânia ❤ stamps
Tânia ❤ stamps
Marina loves the Kaba ornament
Marina ❤ the Kaba
Mariko loves Chinese oracle script
Mariko ❤ oracle script
Jillian loves Avant Garde magazine
Jillian ❤ Avant Garde
Nora loves whispering papers
Nora ❤ whispering paper
Lynne loves vintage tins
Lynne ❤ vintage tins
Alessia loves Pagina
Alessia ❤ Pagina
Sol loves antique rubber stamps
Sol ❤ rubber stamps
ECS loves vintage Italian fashion
ECS ❤ vintage fashion
Luisa loves Rio's old acrylic signs
Luisa ❤ old acrylic signs
Elena loves pigeons
Elena ❤ pigeons
Eleni loves Greek notaries’ handwriting
Eleni ❤ handwriting
Vik loves ghost signs
Vik ❤ ghost signs
Dyana loves garbage
Dyana ❤ garbage
Laura loves lettering on book covers
Laura ❤ cover lettering
Roxane loves fruit stickers
Roxane ❤ fruit stickers
Jess loves interpolation
Jess ❤ interpolation
Nina ❤ bad design
Nina ❤ bad design
Pooja loves newspapers
Pooja ❤ newspapers