Remember December: The year of superlatives

After deciding to write for the Remember December series, I began to scroll through my phone’s camera roll to pick an interesting memory to write about. This turned out to be a difficult task because this year has been filled with so much travel and so many beautiful memories – picking just one was extremely hard.

Being in India, it takes a lot of effort, time, money, and a pile of visa paper work before I can plan a trip outside the country. This year however, we (me and my husband Rob Keller) took a personal record number of trips – some were meticulously planned, others quite spontaneous, and we ended up traveling across five countries!

The greatest thing about all these trips to different places has been the sheer diversity of people I met and the wonderful experiences we had together. When I think about the year gone by, I am most reminded of the incredible people that I shared my time with that made these adventures so special.

With this post, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards all those people for the many enriching memories and for impacting me in some way or the other. Here’s to friends, old and new, and to the power of simple experiences that give hope & inspiration in this often messed up world.

New Years eve at Oakland California

We started the year with one of the most fun New Year’s Eve and stay at Oakland California, with the most wonderful hosts Frank Grießhammer & Tânia Raposo.

At Kerning conference

Greeting the lovely Alessia Mazzarella at Italy’s quaintest type conference, Kerning.

Best gelato ever

I know this gelato is not a person but I’m making an exception because it was the best gelato ever!!! Found at the K2 Gelataria, Modena, Italy.

Best birthday ever!

I was fortunate to celebrate one of my best birthday’s ever with amazing friends in the south of France, with champagne, a midnight swim and delicious tropézienne.

Presenting Maku font at the Kyoorius Designyatra Goa

At the Kyoorius Designyatra in Goa, I was a part of a panel discussion with Sol Matas, Noopur Datye and Ishan Khosla, where I presented my work on the biggest conference screen.

After party with Sol Matas and Rob Keller.

After party with Sol Matas and Rob Keller. (Picture courtesy of Sol Matas)

Cocktails with Indra

Enjoying very tasty cocktails with the awesomest Indra Kupferschmid after the workshop day at BITS conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dinner at 1135 AD, Jaipur.

Our fanciest dinner in Jaipur, Rajasthan at the 1135 AD restaurant inside Amber fort, with Rob’s wonderful family.

My travels for this year are not over yet, as I am super excited to leave for Israel this weekend! I am really looking forward to meeting more people and making memories that I can look back on and cherish.
Lastly, I’d like to dedicate this post to Rob, who signed up to be with me on this ride, exactly 3 years back today.