Alphabettes News – September 2016

Rounding up the busy summer months with two news posts in a row, here’s what happened in September:


New releases

After being in the works for a while, Laura Meseguer released Multi, a sans-serif family with text and display styles in seven weights for the display and three for text, all with their italics, exclusively available through her, and soon through Type-Ø-Tones’ brand new website. Check out the extensive minisite.

Also long awaited, Nina Stössinger finally released Nordvest, her slab serif with horizontal stress she talked about at Typographics in June. Available at Monokrom.

Portada is the latest typeface by Veronika Burian and TypeTogether, a sturdy serif and “a comprehensive type family for screens” (including a free icon set).

Two Alphabettes released sticker packs for the new iMessages in iOS 10:
by Ulrike Rausch is a set with 50 lovely ways to say “no”. We could all use some of that sometimes. Happy Hauntings by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn has Halloween-themed illustrations and lettering.


Ulrike is on a roll, she also gave a talk about OpenType-features at TYPODay in Cologne.

It was a great month for talks as anyone who has been to the ATypI conference in Warsaw knows. There were lots of women speaking, giving workshops, moderating (among others Verena Gerlach, Joyce Ketterer, Aoife Mooney, Ann Bessemans, Indra Kupferschmid, Alice Savoie, Dorine Sauzet, Catherine Dixon, Laura Meseguer, Petra Cerne Oven, Veronika Burian, Sonja Knecht, Bianca Berning, Martina Flor, Briar Levit, Gloria Kondrup, Viktoriya Grabowska, Carima El Behairy, Sofie Beier, Mariko Takagi, Rathna Ramanathan, Aleksandra Samulenkova, Sue Walker) and organising (including Marina Chaccur and Tamye Riggs) and our favourite interviewer Liron Lavi Turkenich conducted video interviews onsite. You can read our ATypI review here.

More news from ATypI

Also in Warsaw, the update to the OpenType specification was announced, it now allows for OpenType variable fonts. Bianca Berning was part of the working group that made it happen.

ATypI saw the release of the new 365Typo book, edited by Linda Kudrnovská. There are 78 contributors, 27 of them women, including Bianca Berning, Ann Bessemans, Veronika Burian, Petra Cerne Oven, Marina Chaccur, Catherine Dixon, Shelley Gruendler, Julia Kahl, Sonja Knecht, Indra Kupferschmid, Krista Radoeva, Ksenya Samarskaya, Nina Stössinger and Liron Lavi Turkenich. Many others are mentioned or have their work featured in the book, like Alice Savoie, Erin McLaughlin, Heidi Rand Sørensen, Andrea Tinnes, María Ramos, Jessica Hische and Luisa Baeta. The book also includes articles about Alphabettes and one about our mentorship program.

Spread from 365Typo. Photo by Marina Chaccur

Spread from 365Typo. Photo by Marina Chaccur

New jobs and awards

Tânia Raposo is the new Type@Cooper West Program Coordinator.

Millie HMK, a script typeface Lila Symons designed for Hallmark Cards, was recognized at AIGA Kansas City’s Twelfth Annual Design Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Typeface Design.

Print Mag’s Best New Typefaces of 2016 (so far) includes Bely, Nordvest, William Text, Kopius, Equitan Sans and Slab.

And finally … turned one year old on Sept 10. We celebrated with a design refresh thanks to Nicole Dotin and Amy Papaelias — new fonts, new features (like search, featured posts, and a footer). And we celebrated with cake of course!

Alphabettes News – August 2016

With the Northern hemisphere slithering into winter temperatures, let’s recap a bit more of our summer in type:

Fiona Ross interviewed by Eye on Design
British type historian and designer, Fiona Ross was interviewed by Eye on Design about her experience in designing typefaces for non-Latin scripts such as Arabic, Hindi, Devanagari, Malayalam, Sinhala, and Thai.

Alphabettes at WMCFest
Jillian Adel and Isabel Urbina Peña both presented at the WMCFest held in Cleveland between August 5–7.

Bianca Berning interviewed by Type Thursday
Type Thursday interviewed Bianca Berning where they discussed her work as head of the Skills and Process department at Dalton Maag, and her involvement with the Alphabettes Mentoring Programme.

Nina Stössinger joins Frere-Jones Type
After closing her studio, Typologic, Nina Stössinger has joined Frere-Jones Type as Senior Designer.

Gender parity at TypeCon Seattle and many of us on stage
At this year’s edition of TypeCon there was gender parity in their line-up of speakers. Speakers and workshop facilitators included Ann Bessemans, Nadine Chahine, Petra Dočekalová, Sibylle Hagmann, Joyce Ketterer, Briar Levit, Aoife Mooney, Mary Catherine Pflug, Nina Stössinger and Laura Worthington.


Center girl group from left to right: Theresa dela Cruz (behind her Ariadne Remoundakis), Roxane Gataud, Nina Stössinger, Tania Râposo, (behind Nina’s whiskey Petra Dočekalová), Bianca Berning, and Victoria Rushton

Roxane Gataud is winner of the 2016 SOTA Catalyst Award
Roxane Gataud was named winner of the 2016 SOTA Catalyst Award. She presented her work at TypeCon, where she was also presented with a certificate designed by Laura Worthington.

protoType exhibition at TypeCon Seattle
The works of Liron Lavi Turkenich and other women designers were selected to be exhibited as part of protoType, a competition and exhibition of the most innovative ideas in type design, held at TypeCon in Seattle.

Kontour joins Type Network
Sibylle Hagman’s Kontour becomes the latest foundry to partner with Type Network.

Isabel Urbina Peña interviewed by Girl Boss
Girl Boss interviewed Isabel Urbina Peña last month where they talked about she got into book design, and her work on Yes, Equal.

And we published our “Greetings from …” vacation series, if you want to let our dream destinations roll past you again.

The Chosen Contrast

I recently had a revelation. I’ve been staring at reverse-contrast typefaces for the majority of my life, and the fact that it materialized during my year at CooperType was no coincidence.

As a child/preteen, Saturday mornings were spent at my local reform synagogue in addition to one weeknight at Hebrew School (which I begrudgingly attended). At that point in my life, I had no knowledge of design or typography but developed the skills of reading and writing Hebrew in both classic and cursive form. It never occurred to me that the Hebrew characters looked different from other letterforms, the only contrast (pun intended) apparent to me was the fact that Hebrew is read from right to left as opposed to left to right.

Me reading my Haftorah portion during a Bat-Mitzvah rehearsal with my aunt, uncle and cantor looking on.

Me reading my Haftorah portion during a Bat-Mitzvah rehearsal with my aunt, uncle and cantor looking on.

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Happy 1st Birthday, Alphabettes


This week, turned one. Blogs, they grow up so fast! We’re celebrating with cake.

We wanted a place on the internet to publish our own thoughts and writing, so we did what any self-respecting, overcommitted people do: we started a new side project. Within two weeks of registering the domain name, the site was live. Scrappy and minimal, the original design worked (through many late night, trans-Atlantic sessions of reckless-intermediate theme editing), but we quickly began feeling some growing pains. One year later, the site boasts around 145 posts (and 25 headers), most of which feature previously unpublished content.

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