Alphabettes News — November 2015

And just like that the last month of the year is here, and that means it is time for November’s news roundup. And we have got it all this month—conference talks, interviews, awards and more.

Verena Gerlach at BITS MMXV
Verena Gerlach was one of the speakers at the Bangkok International Typographic Symposium MMXV, where she spoke about treating the city as an inspiration for her work.

Martina Flor, Stephanie Rieger, Marcy Sutton, Steph Troeth speak at Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2015
At the Berlin edition of Beyond Tellerrand last month, speakers included Martina FlorStephanie RiegerMarcy Sutton and Steph Troeth. You can hear all the talks from the conference on Vimeo.

Mary Kate McDevitt interviewed for The Great Discontent
Read Mary Kate McDevitt’s interview at The Great Discontent where she talks about her path to where she is today, and gives solid advice about side projects to young designers.

Marina Chaccur and Lygia Pires on DiaCrítico 18
On DiaCrítico 18, Marina Chaccur and Lygia Pires, along with Thiago Bellotti, talk about working with letters for local and international clients (in Portuguese).

Sabrina Lopez interviewed for Creative Characters
For the third time this year, Creative Characters featured an interview with a female designer. Last month they interviewed Argentinian lettering artist and type designer, Sabrina Lopez. As a fellow left-hander, it was great to read her talk about how she feels this has affected her approach to calligraphy.

Indra Kupferschmid, Jen Simmons, Lu Yu, Sarah Hyndman speak at Ampersand
The latest edition of Ampersand conference had four women speakers on stage, and they spoke about subjects ranging from typography on the web (Indra and Jen) to Chinese typography (Lu) to the multi-sensory experience of type (Sarah). Audio of all their talks is now available on the conference website.

Winners of the Granshan 2015 Competition are announced
This month, results for the Granshan 2015 competition were announced, and across categories, several women feature in the winners including Alphabettes, Veronika BurianKrista RadoevaMaria Doreuli and Eleni Beveratou.

Tiffany Wardle de Sousa is now co-administrator and co-owner of TypeDrawers
Late in November Stephen Coles stepped down from his responsibilities at TypeDrawers and announced that the forum will now have be run by a new team comprising Tiffany Wardle de Sousa and James Todd.


Erin McLaughlin interviewed for Type Thursday
And finally, if you’re interested in type design for Indic scripts, don’t miss Erin McLaughlin’s interview on Type Thursday.