Beyond TYPO Font


Graphic designers who still don’t know what OpenType features can do for them—beware! Artist Steff Stefanidad and I, type designer Ulrike Rausch have spent the past few months in the lab, cooking up a very special typeface for the TYPO Berlin 2016 conference identity:




The Beyond TYPO Font is a hybrid creature, mixing hand-made letters and amœba.
A high saturation of OpenType makes the font come to life: auto-shuffling characters, fun alternates, crazy ligatures, and plenty of initial and final forms that grow one-celled creatures, trunks, legs, and miscellaneous biomorphic extensions at either end of your words and sentences.




The Beyond TYPO Font is meant to infect people with the typography virus and addict them to OpenType. To spread the typo fever as far as possible, the TYPO conference team doesn’t even charge for it! The free download is available here.

This package also includes an OpenType tutorial for InDesign, Pages, and Microsoft Word.



Watch Steff and me while working on some secret formulas for the Beyond TYPO font:


Photos and videos by Norman Posselt