Alphabettes News February–June (yeah, sorry)

July! That means half of 2016 is already over! Gotta catch up with the news (we’ll thank us in a couple of years). So what happened since the last round-up …

February: We published our Love Letter Series

Feb 2: Diana Ovezea released her type series Equitan Sans and Slab with ITF

Feb 16: The exhibition “A+: 100 years of graphic communication by women at Central Saint Martins” opened in London, organized by Ruth Sykes

Feb 25: Dutch Uitgeverij de Buitenkant and Mathieu Lommen published a collection of lettering work by Dutch or Dutch educated designers, including many of us

Feb 29: Maria Doreuli released William at Typotheque

March 12 and 13: Marina Chaccur taught the first workshop about Bram de Does’s Kaba ornament together with Thomas Gravemaker at Letterpress Amsterdam

March 14: Sandrine Nugue got a nice feature on the AIGA design blog

March 16: We published Our Favourite Typefaces of 1915

Also March 16: Sibylle Hagmann launched a redesign of her foundry site and the new type family Kopius

March 18: The results from Print Magazine’s Type & Lettering Awards are in with many women honored, among them María Ramos, Katherina Kochkina, Jessica Hische, Rebecca Bartola, and Petra Dočekalová. (Dana Tanamachi and Shelley Gruendler were in the jury)

March 24: Amy Papaelias gave a talk at the Type Directors Club in NYC on speculative typography. Watch the video

March 29: We launched our mentorship program

March 31: Ulrike Rausch spoke about making sophisticated script typefaces in Berlin

April 5: Helena Price launched the impressive Techies Project portraying the diverse people that work in tech

April 6: Manuela Pfrunder got to design the new Swiss bank notes. Her thoughts on it

Also, ATypI published the first batch of videos from the São Paulo conference. Go watch Catherine Dixon’s important and moving keynote

April 14: We adopted the 💌 Emoji 🙂

April 16: Shoko Mugikura gave a talk on book typography in Tokyo

April 18: The new Monotype Recorder spread across the globe featuring, among others, articles by Jennifer Kennard, Margaret Calvert, Angela Riechers, Laura Snoad, and one by Amy Papaelias with interviews with Mariko Takagi, Elizabeth CareySmith, Indra Kupferschmid, and Shelley Gruendler

April 21: Julia Sysmäläinen released her multi-layer typeface Colorado

April 28: Barbara Bigosińska released her Abelard typeface with ITF

Also on April 28, the exhibition about the Pangramme student type design competition opened in Metz. Andrea Tinnes was in the jury and, among others, Tassiana Nuñez Costa, Fernanda Cozzi, Isaline Rivéry, Dorine Sauzet and Nina Stössinger got honored

May 4: Shelley Gruendler wrote an article about ten female type designers for Adobe Create

May 9: Liebe Fonts got a new website redesign

May 11: Elizabeth CareySmith got elected on the board of the Type Directors Club

May 12: Tons of bettes descended on Berlin for TypoLabs and TypoBerlin. Nadine Roßa, Isabel Urbina Peña and Sasha Prood gave workshops, Nina, Indra, and Sonja Knecht were moderating, Marina Chaccur made some short videos for DiaCrítico, and several more gave presentations or just enjoyed the unusually numerous company

May 17: Tânia Raposo started teaching a class about micro and macro typography at Cooper Type West

Also that night, Sara Soskolne gave a talk on early sans-serif typefaces

May 24: Sahar Afshar wrote an article about various Arabic calligraphy styles

May 24–29: Krista Radoeva co-organized the premium Bulgarian type conference Typo Fest where Alessia Mazzarella, Alexandra Korolkova, Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, and Indra were speaking and Krista and Maria Doreuli gave a lettering workshop

May 26: Lynne Yun got a feature on the ADG website. Another recent interview with her here

May 27: Nicole Phillips presented on Letterpress and Typesetting at the Australian Design Conference

May 31: Roxane Gataud got awarded with the 2016 SoTa Catalyst Award

June 1: Victoria Rushton now has her own shop on Type Network

June 3: Marta Bernstein gave a presentation on early Italian type at Kerning conference.

June 6: A typeface developed by Lila Symons is now used on the blog of Hallmark’s creative studio together with an article about her and Lynn Giunta’s work

June 8: Martina Flor got featured on the Adobe Create blog

June 10: Marina Chaccur taught a lettering/printing workshop and gave a talk with Thomas Gravemaker at Letterpress Workers in Milan

June 14: Julia Sysmäläinen released her new brush script Optimisti

Also, Zeynep Akay released Rakkas,
Catherine Schmidt released Yatra,
Sol Matas release Kadwa,
Aoife Mooney released BioRhyme,
Eleni Beveratou (for Dalton Maag) released Scope One,
Michal Sahar released Suez One and Secular One,
and Pooja Saxena released Farsan
with Google Fonts.

June 15–20: Everyone and their sketchbook came to NYC for the Typographics festival. (Nina, Elizabeth and Indra were also interviewed for their blog and magazine.) Besides speaking and workshopping, we organized a variety show and accidentally started a podcast

June 22: Indra gave an interview for the Type Paris blog where she taught for a day and spoke

June 27: Spike Spondike spoke at the Hidden Women of Design event in London

June 29: Now Martina Flor was a guest teacher and speaker at Type Paris

June 30: Jessica McCarty got featured on Print Magazine’s site

Hossa! That’s it for February to June. I promise we won’t pack this much into a single post in the future but what can you do when the girls do so many newsworthy things?